Domestic And InternationalMovement Of Pets

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If you’re moving your pet internationally, keep in mind the requirements in place with the USDA APHIS Veterinarian Service. In order to export animals, International Health Certificates (IHCs) are necessary when exporting animals from the United States depending on the animal’s species and the associated requirements of the importing destination. Before issuance of an IHC, the veterinarian must verify all required pre-travel physical examinations, herd/ animal health verifications, vaccines, treatments, and laboratory tests are complete.

Many countries require IHCs for the import of animals from the United States. They must be endorsed, which entails reviewing, counter-signing, and stamping/embossing by APHIS-VS. A series of commodity-specific overviews of general export requirements for livestock, horses, poultry, and pets are a series of commodity-specific overviews of general export requirements.