Pet Transport at Dallas Fort Worth DFW International Airport

From the DFW International Airport Website:

“Here at DFW we know just how much your pet means to you. That’s why we have created animal relief areas at each of the five terminals.

Terminal D
Designated area located on the lower level, outside security at gates D15 and D29

Terminals A, B, C and E
Designated grassy areas located on the lower level outside security

Pets are required to be on a leash at all times when visiting DFW Airport. Additionally, if you will be traveling from DFW with your dog or cat, please keep their pet carrier on hand.

Should your pet need to step outside between flights, feel free to visit one of the designated animal relief areas listed above; however, please note that your boarding pass and ID will be required for re-entry into the Airport. TSA checkpoints close at 10:00 p.m., so we urge you and your pet or service animal to stay on the secure side after that time.”


Passenger terminals are fairly easy to navigate despite being spread out.  Passenger drop off areas and check in counters are very spacious so moving a pet in and out can be done with relative ease.

If you are dropping off or picking up pets at DFW International Airport cargo facilities be sure to plan extra time.  Extensive construction around the airport can make navigation difficult and confusing.

How We Can Help

For departures we can provide check in service for you eliminating the need for you to rush as you prepare for your departure. To provide even more convenience we can pick up your pet at your home. For arrivals we can provide customs clearance, pickup, and home delivery or pick up at our office allowing you to get your baggage in order and your pet to have a bathroom break and exercise before onward journey or final trip home.

Have any experiences at DFW you’d like to share?

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