AirVets Pet Relocation has been a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) for since 2010. This non-profit trade association is vital to the pet shipping industry providing a network of live animal air transportation companies as well as veterinary hospitals, boarding kennels, and ground transporters. In addition to networking, other services provided by the association include a shared database of government contacts, airline contacts, import health requirements from countries around the world, ethical guidelines, and education regarding the shipment of live animals.

Associate members of IPATA include domestic and international airlines, manufacturers such as companies that make travel crates and kennels, suppliers of goods such as labels, tags, and microchips, airport ground handling companies, quarantine facilities, and pet travel insurance providers. These members provide valuable services to the pet shipping industry and we couldn’t do our job without them!

A particular very valuable service that IPATA provides is assistance with pet shipping scams. Every day scammers from around the world post ads for fake puppies preying on people’s trust and fraudulently scam them out of large amounts of money. See our pet shipping Scams page for more information.

Members of IPATA ship millions of pets each year resulting in many happy family reunions and countless stories of expedient, humane, safe shipments of pets by air and ground. The board of directors of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is composed of pet shipping members of the association with experience in the industry. Dr Landers has served multiple terms on IPATA’s board of directors over the years including Treasurer, and Director at Large.

While IPATA does not ship pets directly, it’s network of more than 440 member companies from more than 84 countries provide constant attention to the security, safety, and well being of pets they are transporting. They are truly the Pet Shipping Experts, of which AirVets Pet Relocation is a member.

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