Health Certificates for Pet Travel to Mexico Dallas Texas

In order to move a pet to Mexico you will need a USDA Accredited Veterinarian to examine your dog or cat and complete some export health documents and complete an internal and external parasite treatment.


Dog Transportation

For your international health certificate appointment for Mexico note the following:

  • For pets in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth International Airport area we can schedule international health certificate appointments for pets going to Mexico up until the day before travel. No USDA endorsement is required (this is not the case for other countries).
  • We will handle the internal and external parasite treatments and can provide rabies vaccination all within the same appointment. We try to make this process as easy as we can.
  • For your appointment you will need to bring:
    • Your Pet
    • Original Rabies certificate with microchip number on it signed in blue ink (signature stamps are generally not accepted by foreign countries for import). We will handle this if your pet was vaccinated with us. If your pet is not microchipped we will do that on the day of your appointment and revaccinate.
    • Address and Phone number in the United States
    • Address and Phone number in Mexico
  • Please request an appointment for international health certificates for Mexico on our Health Certificate Request page

Dr. David Landers DVM is a USDA accredited veterinarian for international health certificates, domestic health certificates, and other travel / export documents and can take care of all pre-transport testing needs as well.

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