Health Certificate

Pet Health Certificates
International and Domestic Health Certificates by USDA Accredited Veterinarians

Health certificates are best done about 7 days before travel for most destinations. This allows ample time for USDA endorsement if needed and gives a little leeway for changes in travel plans. Health certificates for domestic travel and for travel to Canada and Mexico can be done up to the day of travel (we don’t recommend waiting that long!)

Once you request your appointment below we will determine the best date and confirm with you.

Providing all of the information below will expedite your appointment.  Once you submit the form please email a copy of your rabies vaccination certificate(s) to and

Health Certificate / Veterinary appointments are completed at 2561 Valley View Ln. Dallas, TX 75234.

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Date of Birth



Microchip Number
(Required for many, but not all countries)

Microchip Implantation Date
(must be on before rabies vaccination date; estimate if unsure of exact date)


Method of Travel

Travel Date

Preferred Day of Week and Time of Appointment (in most cases will be about 7 days before travel)


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David Landers DVM

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Dr. David Landers is a 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He started AirVets Pet Relocation and focuses on international pet shipping, health certificates, and export/import documents.
David Landers DVM

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