Cosmo before his trip to Hawaii

Here is Cosmo getting ready for his trip to Honolulu Hawaii. Looks like he’s ready to have some fun on the beach!

Animals traveling to Hawaii must complete a Rabies Blood Titer Test ( FAVN / RNATT ) and wait 4 months in an in home quarantine or they will need to stay in quarantine in Honolulu until 4 months is completed. They must also have an external parasite treatment and a health certificate before they travel.

Let us know if we can help get your pet safely to Hawaii!
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David Landers DVM

David Landers DVM

Veterinarian at AirVets Pet Relocation
Dr. David Landers is a 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He started AirVets Pet Relocation and focuses on international pet shipping, health certificates, and export/import documents.
David Landers DVM

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